A Message to LMS patients, cargivers, survivors and their families . . . . .

“The LMSLIFELINE.com website is linked to the Sarcoma Alliance, The National Leiomyosarcoma Foundation, and the Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research Foundation.”

“The symbol of this website was selected as it represents those that have accessed this website – it is a reflection of:

  • powerful personal transformation,
  • new beginnings/change, strength, and
  • the beauty of life itself

This website is devoted to Leiomyosarcoma patients throughout the world, as well as their courageous caregivers, as well as all of the courageous survivors and thrivers!

If you have accessed this website and wish to recommend additional information that you feel would be helpful to others, or simply to indicate that this website was helpful, please forward your comments to annieachee@aol.com.

This website is created to share information, resources, and support for those who have been diagnosed with Leiomysarcoma (LMS) and / or the caregivers. We welcome your experiences and information that may contribute to helping us get as many resources out there!

It takes strength in numbers to fight and win. By the LMS Community coming together, we can have a stronger voice,  a more visible presence at oncology and sarcoma meetings around the world. Together, we can make the difference for us all, through a collective, collaborative approach  to defeating LMS.

–    Complement existing support group websites with continuous podcasts  and YouTube presentations for the LMS Community  with the capability to post questions related to the podcasts or YouTube presentations

 -    Provide lists of suggested questions to consider in preparation for medical appointments

–    Provide lay articles on LMS from sources such as MDLinx and PubMed 

-    Provide a bibliography of LMS related technical research papers from annual oncology meetings, medical journals and other sources 

–    Provide updated links to Patient/Caregiver Cancer Support Organizations



New ‘Anti-proliferative…’ article (click here to go to Articles)

New ‘Advances in Tumor Chemo-resistance‘ article (click here to go to Articles)

The CTOS 2014 research papers – are now posted under research articles(click here to go to documents).

Isolation, detection, and immunomorphological characterization of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from patients with different types of sarcoma using isolation by size of tumor cells: a window on sarcoma-cell invasion(click here to go to Articles)

New ‘Right to try’ article (click here to go to Articles)

3 new articles in the Archives (click here to go to Articles)

New ARTICLE FROM JOHNS HOPKINS MAGAZINE on cancer cell biology and cancer drug testing (click here to go to Articles)

The CTOS 2013 research papers pertaining to soft tissue sarcomas and LMS specifically – are now posted under research articles. They are
technical, but they offer insight into what is happening in the world of research. The information also provides information that you can
further discuss with your oncologist as well (click here to go to documents).

Podcast – LMS treatment/research update by Dr. Vinod Ravi (click here to go to podcasts)